Instructional design

Before beginning my journey as an learning experience designer, I was a teacher for many years. Shortly before I left the profession, the big, exciting idea surrounding assessment and evaluation was the triple threat of Assessment as Learning (AaL), Assessment for Learning (AfL), and Assessment of Learning (AoL). Most teachers,…

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Mid-year Review, 2019

It’s now the end of August and I though it would be a good time to look back at my goals for the year. Not to brag about how much I’ve accomplished, but rather to motivate myself to continue my personal and professional growth, because I think I’ve been slacking…

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Girl answering math problems on the chalkboard.

Learning for Learning’s Sake

I’m here… don’t send out a search party! I’m not dead, just haven’t had time to write any posts recently. Since I’ve been so busy, I’ve also noticed that I haven’t really had much time for my own learning. L&D professionals know better than anyone else how important learning is,…

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