Terry Example

Hi Terry, this is a generic example of a portfolio that I would use. For each individual job, I would tailor the portfolio to match the skills that they are looking for (just as you would a resume). The goal is to show range while also highlighting the specific skills of which you are most proud and those that you would like to continue to use in the new job. You might also pick up on the skills requested in the job ad and aim to demonstrate those in some way.


Item 1: Concept Attainment Through Interactive Video

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This course used concept attainment/inductive learning to teach about the hazards of confined spaces. Learners used their prior knowledge as context to complete the interactive video-based learning activity. This course won the People’s Choice award at the 2019 Canadian eLearning Conference.

Item 2: Scenarios with Pull Learning

This course was developed using the action mapping strategies of Cathy Moore. Learners pull the information they need in order to answer scenario questions. Progress could be locked to prevent guessing if desired.

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Item 3: Gentle Animations and Videos

This course was developed to find ways to encourage learners to pay attention to information that they may think is useless. The course uses gentle animations to draw attention and different media, such as slick videos, to keep the learners’ interest.

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Item 4: Escape Room

This activity was not developed to be a learning experience. However, it could be applied to learning situations with clever application of pull learning methods.

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Items 5 and 6: Rapid Production Using Templates

From time-to-time courses need to be created quickly to address major issues or to create awareness about urgent items. In these situations, template-based eLearning founded in classical instructional design strategies can help bring the course to completion quickly.

Additionally, templates can cut down on development time, which means there is time left over for any specific customization that may be needed. For example, the first item includes a video and an interactive animation and the second includes a video.

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Item 7: Single-slide, Quasi-branching Scenarios

What child didn’t enjoy reading ‘choose your own adventure’ books? As it turns out, this same strategy is an excellent way to promote learning, particularly when the goal is behavioural change. When combined with inductive learning, the learning opportunities are even greater. This activity is one of a series of interactions in which the learner must de-escalate a violence or harassment situation. Regardless of whether the learner chooses the correct or incorrect action, the feedback they receive extends the learning experience.

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Item 8: Audio Recording and Editing

Few learners will forgive bad audio. Whether the audio is for the full course narration or simply for character or activity narration, proper recording and editing is important. This course includes several French voices that I recorded and edited.

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Item 9: Video, Images, and Audio for Engagement

This activity was developed as an entry for the eLearning Heroes Challenges. Although it was not developed to be a learning experience, it shows how careful application of images, videos, audio, and graphic design principles can draw in a learner.

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Item 10: PowerPoint

This portfolio piece demonstrates my skills with the program PowerPoint.

Item 11: Handbook

This portfolio piece demonstrates my skills with the program Adobe InDesign.

Item 12: Video

This portfolio piece demonstrates my skills with the programs Camtasia and After Effects, as well as my filming and green screen experience.